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Thursday, June 10, 2021

Today my honey had been counting off a shipment of lumber coming in by truck

      Still learning more about Elizabeth and what she does, I know that it has something to do with construction and in some of her conversations she talks about are estates.     Knowing that the lumber is required to build something, a few days ago she learned that she would be up in Canada until mid July 2021.     She even told me that she can't wait to travel together and build things around the world with me and so I can't wait to discuss our business plans and projects together.    I see us doing quite well together and some boyfriend from her past had called her ugly.    Maybe that was what he saw in her, but I told her today, how someone sees them.    It is what their eyes are looking at and if they see that partner looking so beautiful and that they see the same in them than that is what creates attraction in falling in love with them.      I told her so many times how beautiful she is and knows that this man she has sees that in her and so love has so many different ways to express yourself to that person that you love so much.

       Seeing that she is working so hard for her aunt Angelica, I wanted to be up there with her and I wanted to make her dinner from after counting that shipment of lumber from off that truck.

       Both of us are good at cooking and my Elizabeth will be the first time that my lover had cooked me a meal and I can't wait to taste her cooking once she has completed her work up there.

       Ten senators agreeing upon this bill to bring about the plan for infrastructure and making progress, here is this article: 5 Republicans and 5 Democrats agree upon this infrastructure bill

       Here are the stock futures going into Friday morning 6/11/21: DOW is up by $8.00, the S & P 500 is up by $1.50 and the NASDAQ is up by $19.25 at 5:33 pm PST.      The dollar after closing on the US stock markets peaked up to $90.08, but has fallen down to $90.03 and is at $90.04 at 5:36 pm PST.

       Seeing a bit of a shift on the MACDs with the negative red line gaining some ground on the US dollar when the market had closed today 6/10/21.     Yesterday the history line was at +.07 and today the history line was at +.06, the negative red line yesterday was at -.26 and closed at -.24 today.    The positive blue line slowed down slightly from yesterday of -.19 and closed at -.18.      If this continues in this pattern with the negative red line gaining ground then the US dollar will once again start falling in price.     Here is another update on the US dollar to $90.05, the DOW is down by $7.00, the S & P 500 is UNCH and the NASDAQ is up by $10.50 at 6:06 pm PST.     

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