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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Late in the day when the dollar had jumped the US markets began tumbling.

        Around 9:10 am EST the US dollar at the time was down to $92.82 or a negative of .23 cents before the US stock markets had opened.     At 10:29 am the US dollar had peaked up to $93.14 or up by .09 cents and right after that time the NASDAQ started to decline.       A few minutes after 10:29 am EST the DOW was slightly declining and right after 10:29 am EST the S & P 500 started to fall.

        Around 10:43 EST am the US dollar was falling back into the negative and just few minutes after that the S & P 500 began to slow down on its decline.       While the US dollar was still falling the S & P 500 was climbing back up, and same thing with the DOW stabilizing around that time and then making a climb.       Even the NASDAQ going through the same pattern and around 1:27 pm EST was when the US dollar was beginning to climb.       At the time the NASDAQ was heading through another decline and the US dollar was spiking up and down from going through being on the positive and negative side.

       Approximately around 2:44 pm EST the dollar had begun to make a sharp spike going straight up, that was when the NASDAQ, the DOW and the S & P 500 were sharply declining.           Since from 4 pm when the US markets had closed the US Dollar had dropped down by .08 cents.       At the moment the after hours for the three US stock market boards;: the DOW is up by .26 percent, the S & P 500 is up by .03 percent and the NASDAQ is down by 04 percent at 3:00 pm PST.          For the last hour the US dollar has been stable and if the US dollar starts dropping then the three US major stock boards should start to move up.     I read in how the Federal Government had decided to keep the interest rates at zero until 2023 and how the US markets had gotten spooked.       Well when the US stock markets had gotten spooked the dollar had gotten excited and climbed probably right when the Chairman of the Federal Government came out to let us know what their plans were for interest rates.         The investments that we are using to help get Carson Investment Services LLC off the ground has gained $52.36 and is at $1211.42.

         While the US dollar has been steady the after hours have been moving up, with the DOW up to .26 percent, the S & P 500 is up to .13 percent and the NASDAQ is up to .21 percent at 4:22 pm PST.

         This the first of the three latest stocks added to the experimentation, today we had begun examining the 800 stocks within our portfolio.       Ocean Power Technologies has just began to turn itself around on the Relative Strength Index and on the MACDs.       On the MACDs we are seeing the momentum pushing the stock up and should continue to climb for the next few weeks.

         Ocean Power Technologies had closed at .8794 cent today (9/16/20), the stock symbol is OPTT, now examining for the second one.        Here is the second one that we added to the experimentation, the stock is Lightbridge Corporation and today it closed at $3.80 a share.        Ocean Power Technologies and Lightbridge Corporation are both on the NASDAQ stock board.

         Lightbridge Corporation has begun to stabilize today (9/16/20) on the MACDs and should start seeing momentum happening within the next day.     The Relative Strength Index has started turning around on this stock on (9/14/20) and on (9/3/20) the blue line had started gain grounds against the red line.      That was when the shift on the MACDs were beginning with the stock stabilizing and this stock at the moment has the blue line pushing it upward with momentum.      The stock symbol is LTBR and now researching more of these 800 stocks on our companies portfolio.

         The third stock that we added to the experimentation is Fuwei Films (Holdings) Co. Ltd, that closed today (9/16/20) at $3.71 a share.      The stock started shifting on (9/14/20) with it stabilizing on the MACDs, it should begin to see momentum taking over sometime next week.        Since (9/14/20) the blue line on the MACDs has been gaining ground against the red line and eventually the blue line will start this stocks momentum and its climb in price.      The Relative strength Index on the stock had been steadily climbing from (9/11/20), the stock symbol is FFHL.        Right now there is one analysis bid on Fuwei Films 12 month target of $48 dollars a share as well check to see if there are anymore of them.       There is one 12 month price target for Ocean Power Technologies of $1,200, but will check to see if there are more of them.      Lightbridge 12 month forecast target price is $126 dollars as will be researching the news articles on these three stocks.      Well the experimentation had gained a little over $200 hundred dollars and has hit another new time high of $108,553.31.        The dollar has just jumped by .09 cents  at 6:53 pm PST and the after hours had fallen with the DOW just up by .26 percent, the S & P 500 is now down by .23 percent and the NASDAQ is down by .36 percent.            

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